Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Will Turkey Move Against Syria?

The Turks are getting nervous over this, as well they should. If it causes them to put boots in Syria, we're well on the way to the three horns being ripped out. And of course, if it goes the other way, and the jihadists seeking to establish the caliphate spill over into Turkey, the very same thing goes. Keep your eyes on this, we could be watching prophecy come to pass before our eyes.


  1. I saw that aritcle as well. I find it very interesting that Abu Omar mentioned Syria as ripe for the picking and also included Iraq! With the reported massing of jihadist fighters along Turkey's border and Omar's comments it sure looks like a plan coming together to overtake those three countries. I'm not sure which way seems more likely to me though. If Turkey does move and "rip out" Sryia and Iraq forming the initital three horns then they would have to get a little more violent than they appear now. However, the bloodthirsty totalitarian methods of the jihadists seem to fit more with what I would expect from the anti-christ and his followers. I guess I would have to lean more towards the jihadist militants as they seem to be serving a militaristic god bent on conquering. Only time will reveal what will ultimately play out but I'm looking UP not East!

    1. Up rather than east seems like a good mantra. No one knows the day or hour, but it certainly seems to be forming up right before our eyes. Who would have thought we'd see what we're seeing just twenty years ago?


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