Thursday, April 19, 2007

Death Be Not Proud

Death is not natural. I know everything dies-- bugs, trees, ocelots, and us. It's part of life as the old adage says. The avoidance of it, and ultimate succumbing to it is foundational to the unbelieving naturalistic explanation of how life develops. But deep inside my believing heart, I hate it, and chafe against its imposition.

And it is an imposition. Creation not only abides in the sustaining will of God,
all that is in creation, is an expression of who and what he is. But God by revelation and definition doesn't die, weaken, decay, rest, rust, nor turn to dust. Death just doesn't fit! How can it be baked in the cake? My answer: it isn't-- it's imposed supernaturally, a curse from God.

The natural, created state of human beings is everlasting life. Sin brought death and all of us suffer with it. Despite the marring of God's image within humankind, deep inside, most of us feel that same chafing. It doesn't feel right that it all should end. No matter how long we've lived it catches up to us too soon.

Sometimes I wish I could be translated to a spectator's seat in another dimension, observing the battle between the living and the Grim Reaper. I would hiss at his every advance. I'd boo his progress. On days like
Monday, soccer fan-like I'd rush the field and beat him with my own big stick!

But wait a minute...
I don't need Scotty to beam me afar, I do have a big stick! Jesus hung on it, and then handed it to us. He fought the ultimate contest with Death and won! He defanged the beast and unstung the bee. What was natural, is natural again. Life never ends!

At least it doesn't have to. We all still have to pass through those "three days" and feel the chafing at loss, but I find it an overwhelming, inexpressible joy and a most soothing comfort to know that the Lion has risen and death works backwards. Put your faith in Christ, my friends, and live forever!

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