Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Echoes of Thunder

Looking back at the end of my first calendar year blogging I can say it's been interesting. I hope it has been for you, my readers, as well. The entries that seemed to strike a chord with you I've compiled in the following two lists. Have another look if you wish; regardless, thanks for reading and have a great new year!

2007's Most Popular Entries
According to my stat tracker, these were my most popular entries for 2007. Thank you for checking them out, I hope you found them helpful, or at least stimulating.

Why Did God Make Man 12/18/07
Why Do People Get Sick 10/25/07
Just Breathe 10/11/07
Props to the Preachers 10/1/07
On the Road to Emmaus 9/25/07
Bring on the Wooden Spoon 9/11/07
Your Gift Makes Room for You 7/5/07

2007's Most Reactive Entries
According to the combination of my stat tracker and comments received, these were my most reactive entries not included above.

The Non-devisive Doctrine 9/4/07
Talk to the Hand 8/29/07
Making a Monkey Out of You 8/5/07
Selling Death 7/12/07
Express the Manifold Grace 6/28/07
A Shepherd's Heart 6/2/07


  1. Happy New Year SLW:

    Thanks for your thoughtful contributions this year.


  2. Thank you, Michael, and thanks for reading.
    Hope your new year is blessed.

  3. I have also enjoyed reading your blog this year. May the Lord bless you. I especially enjoyed your thoughts on healing.

  4. Thank yo Larry. It been a pleasure to have you as a reader and a commenter.

  5. hi slw!
    does thunder really echo?

  6. Nancy,
    It does at the end of the year! ;-)


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