Friday, April 27, 2007

Faith Is the Victory

What if there was one medium of exchange that could get anyone everything needed and desired in life? Money is fairly well established, but it can’t buy you love nor can it save your eternal soul. The satisfaction of a job well done or a life well lived lasts but for the fleeting moments that the memory is fresh: it's never too long before someone's asking, “What have you done for me lately?” A promise coming from another human being is not bankable either, just look at what the native Americans got from the new Americans, or what the baby-boomers will get out of the Social Security system.

Bible declares that God has given everyone a measure of faith. Jesus said the following about faith:
be it unto you according to your faith
if you have faith... nothing will be impossible to you
whatever you ask... you will receive if you have faith.”
The Bible tells us that we are saved by grace through faith and that we await the hope of righteousness by faith. Faith is the answer!

Faith, however, is directional, it inherently points at something. For faith to “work” it must be directed at the right “thing.” Lots of folks have some type of faith in something, but is it capable of getting all that is needed or wanted? Faith in Jesus Christ is. When one believes Jesus is at the right hand of all power and authority, that everything has been given to him by the heavenly Father, that all prayers prayed in his name are heard and answered, that he is capable of doing all things, that his work on the cross as verified by the resurrection is capable of making one eternally right with God…when one believes in Jesus for who he is, for what he’s done, and in what he’s said, that one has the currency of heaven and the means to everything necessary and desirable under God.

But we are, pitifully, more often than not those of such little faith! Thankfully, less than a mustard seed is powerful enough for most any purpose. What is your mustard seed growing? Is Jesus who he says he is to you? In your mind does he have the power he claims to have? Are His words reliable according to your value system? Does he have the goods, or not? These are the distilling questions of faith, and their answers of utmost importance, because my friend, faith is the victory.