Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Isa That Exciting Or What!

The very thought of witnessing to Muslims can be intimidating, especially during this War on Terror. Even if we can get past our trepidations over their assumed implacable hatred for us, can we truly say we want them saved? Our jaundiced perspective may bring Jonah into clearer focus for us, but I have to wonder... are there enough whales left in the ocean to change the attitudes of enough of us?

My merely human western mindset, informed by Islam's violent expansion at the expense of Christianity starting some 1300 years ago, as well as its terrorism since the birth of Israel, finds it difficult to think of Muslims as more than theoretical evangelism targets. It would be nice to have some tangible encouragement for the spirit, informed by the Great Commission, which anticipated harvesting those souls from every tongue, tribe and language who happened to be Muslims. Perhaps there is some to be had: check out this series of blog posts for some interesting possibilities in witnessing to Muslims. Peace Child-like, are the seeds of the gospel already planted in their culture?

When the message of God reached the Assyrians through the reluctant prophet, Nineveh repented. Jonah, however, did not! In this respect, I suppose one could hope to be more like a heathen than a prophet of God. Do we even begin to understand how much God loves Muslims? A recent article by Chuck Colson cracks open the slats of the blinds in the cloistered bedroom of Christianity, cranked tight for ages against the ebony dark of Islam. Could it be the never ending night is finally losing the wrestling match with the dawn?

Jesus said his gospel would be preached to all nations and then the end would come. Is this the age of that fulfillment? Soon, I would say, all those who will be gathered in, will be gathered in, and things will wind down to their conclusion. To which, all I can say is, "Maranatha." Isa that exciting or what?!!!


  1. I've had the misfortune of meeting far more militant, angry Christians than I have militant, angry Muslims. Whatever happened to love your neighbour, even love your enemies?

    We've the pleasure of a Muslim family who live near us who give us Christmas presents and are always pleased to see us and we them; to have prayed with Muslims on the streets who have asked us to (in one case for a lady who wanted her teenage daughters to know God personally and was not deterred that we believe that means knowing Jesus) and to also have heard several stories of Muslims encountering the presence of Jesus in open-eye visions especially during Ramadan.

    Father loves all His children.

  2. Mark,
    That is very exciting news too, thanks for the testimony. Jesus did tell us to love our enemies, likely because he and his heavenly Father do. Our faith must fight through the flesh so that love has a chance to make a difference.


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