Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top Ten Church Fallacies

A little thought exercise might be fun. I offer you my top ten list of fallacies adopted by the modern church. They are in no particular order, and done a month from now, the list would most likely be different. Regardless, please take a moment and comment on any or all of them, but if you find fault with any of them, please tell me why, scripturally. Looking forward to hearing from you!

SLW's Top Ten Contemporary Church Fallacies

  1. Churches should decide questions by voting
  2. God has commanded the church to tithe
  3. Modern Pastors get paid too much
  4. Church growth should be the number one concern of church leaders
  5. Evangelism requires Christians to act as unbelievers do
  6. Pastors chief role as leaders is vision casting
  7. Christians in every generation need to apply their creativity to reinvent the church
  8. The church is meant to transform society and cure its ills
  9. It is acceptable for believers to treat other believers in error or sin with disdain
  10. The Republican Party is the only acceptable political party for American Christians

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