Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This the End?

When we see before our eyes the calls for a coordinated global response to the current economic crisis, we have to question whether or not this could signal the end of the age. Is this current crisis the harbinger of the rise of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation? Who knows? For the Antichrist to arise, the psychology of the world has got to be herded toward the acceptance of a global economic currency, and a global economic regimen, and ultimately a global leader. A crisis like this one may well be just what the Devil ordered to prep the world for his last Antichrist scheme, but it is next to impossible to say so definitively.

We did have a global economic crisis, caused by the same trigger (i.e. debt), just before the seventh Antichrist scheme was uncovered. Then, the U.S. Stock Market crashed sending ripples through the rest of the world and causing economies around the world to collapse. Germany was already in a fix at that time and the wave overturned a swamped, leaking vessel. The chaos of misery was used by Hitler to undermine sitting governments flailing to cope, and eventually to gain political power democratically, though his party only got a third of the vote. It took him less than four years from the crash to do so. Since the Devil never does learn a new trick, this moment is certainly a significant one.

We're in for a bumpy ride, that no one can deny. Hope has been ripped out from under so many like a proverbial rug. Their noggins have been dinged like the dinner bell. When the fog clears and reveals a bleak landscape, who will they turn to? We survived the Great Depression and the Seventh Antichrist, but the world will not escape the eighth and last. If history is the key to the future, the Antichrist is now unfolding his gambit for power. I don't think it's Obama (I could be wrong), things are interesting in Turkey; regardless, in light of the ride were on, loosen your seat belts-- why have any drag from the world we're in when the trumpet sounds.


Kevin Jackson said...

I too have wondered if this current economic turmoil is related to the end times. If the end is near it means a lot of suffering for the body of Christ. That's okay though, nothing can seperate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Never heard the term "Seventh Antichrist". Is there a list of them somewhere? :)

I don't think Obama is the AC either, but you never know.

SLW said...

Hey Pizza,
You've got the right attitude for the "wrong" time. ;-) When everything that can be shaken is being shaken, thank God, Jesus is more than sufficient bread for the soul.

In regards to the Antichrists, yes, there is in fact a list. Biblically, the list is found in Revelation 17:8-14, and interpretively you can see my understanding of that list here.

Obama is not in the correct place (Turkey); however, he does have the correct religious background and he has come out of nowhere. So, even though I really see no way it can be him, I'm not prepared to say absolutely not in view of the time, circumstances, and uncertainty regarding his Kenyan heritage.

SLW said...

I take it you're not a believer in end times. Unfortunately, not believing in them won't prevent you from going through them. The time is short, put your trust in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Do you put money into a retirement account?

SLW said...

Who has money for a retirement account? ;-) Seriously, if I had the money, I certainly would put some away for a rainy day, or just for when I'm old and won't have Medicaire. That has nothing to do with the concept of end times, for within that concept Jesus said no one can know the day or hour. It'd be stupid not to prepare for what could well come to pass.

P.S. Would you mind taking a name? It can be an alias, or even something just plain silly, but it would be easier to follow conversation threads if you did. Thanks, anon, I appreciate your visits and comments.

Anonymous said...

Call me Marvin (see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

I said "Is this the end times? No." I now see that you agree with me.

Once Was Lost said...

Good book, Marvin. Weird... but interesting.

I liked the movie too, even though most people I know that like the book hated it.

SLW said...

Sorry Marvin,
I don't see your point. Technically, the last 2000 years have been the end times. Christians live, as did Americans during the Cold War, in a constant state of readiness, not knowing the day or hour of Christ's return. Certain signposts along the way boost anticipation, but we must always be ready. On the otherhand, we are told to be about our business, providing for ourselves (see 1 Thess 4:11-5:15), not living sloppily hoping for the end to bail us out (see Matt 24:40-42). Doing the latter in no one undercuts belief in the former.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood.

When you said that "the Antichrist is now unfolding his gambit for power", "time is short", and that not believing in the "end times" would not prevent me from living through them, somehow I thought you meant that the world would end in my life time.

I did not understand that "short" meant thousands of years and that "end times" covers two millennia. My mistake.

SLW said...

I do believe the end will, in all likelihood, occur in your lifetime (even though I have no idea of how old you may be).

The line about the "Antichrist's gambit" was prefaced by an if: this may well be the end of the end or things may be delayed somewhat longer (see Matthew 25:1-13). What can be said definitely, is that the last time things took on this kind of shape, the seventh Antichrist (Adolph Hitler) came to power relatively quickly.

You are going through the end times now, though you don't believe it. My hope is that you will come to Christ before the end of the age, which will inexorably fall suddenly upon all who dwell on earth (1 Thess 5:1-4).

Anonymous said...


Glad to see that someone else appreciates the quirkiness of HHGG.

Anonymous said...


I give up. You'll all over the map, and my small robot brain just can't follow it anymore.

SLW said...

Love your sarcasm, it only makes me love you more.

According to the scriptures, the end times are the period after Christ's ascension in which the church lives in the apprehension of his return. So far that has been near two millenia. We are not given precision about when the end of the end times will be, but we are given some markers. However, even the appearence of a marker (like Hitler's rise and fall) does not clear up the focus enough to say it will be in such and such a year, or at such and such a time. So, a believer can say, "it's getting close" but cannot say it will happen by any time certain. That produces a paradoxical anticipation that keeps us living with one foot out the door while the other is firmly planted in the house. I admit, communicating that gets a bit slippery, but it is why I can say, "the time is short" while simultaneously preparing for the time to be not all that short.

I should add, the astonishing, and only once, and then only somewhat precendented events of this past year, particularly globally and economically, are setting off alarm bells for me. When we last saw these kind of events, we shortly thereafter saw the 7th Antichrist. Despite that, the biblical mandate is still for me to live with one foot out and the other in the door.

Anonymous said...

I love the Book of Revelation! No matter when you have lived in the past two thousand years, the wording is vague enough and symbolic enough that you can conclude that your times are the end times. No matter when you lived, you could have found the "markers". Maybe Obama is the anti-Christ or maybe he isn't. Maybe it's the end times and maybe it's not. Well, that does cover all the possibilities, doesn't it? No way I can say your wrong with statements like this.

SLW said...

Tautologies aside, perhaps it time to consider the possibility that I'm right!

Anonymous said...

hello slw
i know that it is getting closer to the end of my time here.

i do not know if it is because of my age or because of the age...or maybe both, but, i perceive a greater struggle in my spirit and heart. i have to maintain in the very base level of belief at times. right up against the bare rock with nothing in between or around it. especially in the early morning hours just before light. it seems there are moments where i am just holding on for dear life while the attack of thoughts that point i must just hold on.
by way of television and other communication devices we are able to see what is going on world wide in this time that we are given. it is soon. anyone who has given birth can recgonize the pains that come closer together and stronger.

the children of God can feel it in just the same way. we will feel it in a way and sence it in a way and we will not be understood.

i think we should prepare in our hearts and minds to be persecuted for our belief in Jesus...even by some who claim to be believers.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're correct because:

"It is the best of times,
it is the worst of times;
it is the age of wisdom,
it is the age of
it is the epoch of belief,
it is the epoch of incredulity;
it is the season of Light,
it is the season of Darkness;
it is the spring of hope,
it is the winter of despair;
we have everything before us,
we have nothing before us;
we are all going directly to Heaven,
we are all going the other way."

(with apologies to C. Dickens)

SLW said...

Life ends, and then it begins as does time. You would not be alone, even among my fellow believers, to see end times differently than I, but if you cannot humble yourself to put your hope in Christ, then the beginning will be far worse than the end. The joy you now have in your ability to conceive and formulate thought and the sense of automony it allows you will melt under the onslaught of incessant fire. Consciousness without freedom, even to think, awaits those who crossed the threshold of time without Christ. In their agony, they'll not even be able to regret refusing to believe in Christ when they had the opportunity. Jesus rose from the dead to give us life, that singular fact of history trumps every other concern. I pray you'll let it win your heart.

SLW said...

what a day to live in!
what has long been anticipated
what has confounded the minds of the thoughtful,
is now alighting upon us,
who despaired of looking for Christ,
but were those for which it waited. :-)

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Anonymous said...

As that sweet old lady, Emily Litella used to say..."never mind". Peace, Gilda.