Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Political Rant

2008 is going to be a miserable year. Why? It's a presidential election year. I'm sick to death already of the endless political coverage, er, bantering and bickering, and for what? Politicians, every single one of them, is a sinful human being who presses an agenda entirely his or her own, and especially so once they take office. Nothing of any substance ever gets done by them, except when by executive orders they end up costing human lives, or I suppose when they appoint judges (although the outcome of those choices is unforeseeable and often disappointing).

The only sensible thing we could have done with politicians as a people would have been to follow our country's libertarian roots and kept them relatively powerless compared to our power to make personal choices. That ship dropped it's mooring lines in 1913 with the enactment of the 16th Amendment, and set sail with the election of FDR and the advent the socially insecure system. Now, too sizable a chunk of our personal assets are confiscated by those politicians for us not to be dependent on them, and they'll tell us anything to get hold of those purse strings. So much for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Since we don't have the sense nor the political will as a people to set short term limits for these flawed individuals, let me suggest the consideration of a voting strategy that I'm beginning to think might be the only political hope for this country. Let's call it, hmmm, let me see... the "vote the bums out" strategy. It's an elegant and simple system sure to keep politicians from insulting our intelligence, testing our patience, and bringing anymore ruin to this once great society.

If they're in office vote for the other guy. Regardless of whether mayor, councilman, judge, sheriff, dogcatcher, and especially so, if congressman, senator or president-- VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

Why listen to double-talk about issues and policies, programs and plans? They never live up to it anyhow. Keep them from doing anymore damage or getting anymore corrupted by the system. Do them and us a favor-- VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

Why make election season a non-stop cacophony of endless, mind-numbing babble? The talking heads, the supposedly neutral arbiters, the boring politicos. There would be no market for such a waste of human resources, talents and time, if we'd just VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

I wish I couldn't say that I'm at least half serious about this, but I am! At least close to half. ;-) Politicians are not our saviors, perhaps they should be our pariahs. Regardless, Christ is our source and supply, and the devil's under our feet. As for these public servants, let them serve and then get on to something truly productive. I think we'd all be better served if they did!

I'm Stephen Winters and I approve this message.