Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This the End?

When we see before our eyes the calls for a coordinated global response to the current economic crisis, we have to question whether or not this could signal the end of the age. Is this current crisis the harbinger of the rise of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation? Who knows? For the Antichrist to arise, the psychology of the world has got to be herded toward the acceptance of a global economic currency, and a global economic regimen, and ultimately a global leader. A crisis like this one may well be just what the Devil ordered to prep the world for his last Antichrist scheme, but it is next to impossible to say so definitively.

We did have a global economic crisis, caused by the same trigger (i.e. debt), just before the seventh Antichrist scheme was uncovered. Then, the U.S. Stock Market crashed sending ripples through the rest of the world and causing economies around the world to collapse. Germany was already in a fix at that time and the wave overturned a swamped, leaking vessel. The chaos of misery was used by Hitler to undermine sitting governments flailing to cope, and eventually to gain political power democratically, though his party only got a third of the vote. It took him less than four years from the crash to do so. Since the Devil never does learn a new trick, this moment is certainly a significant one.

We're in for a bumpy ride, that no one can deny. Hope has been ripped out from under so many like a proverbial rug. Their noggins have been dinged like the dinner bell. When the fog clears and reveals a bleak landscape, who will they turn to? We survived the Great Depression and the Seventh Antichrist, but the world will not escape the eighth and last. If history is the key to the future, the Antichrist is now unfolding his gambit for power. I don't think it's Obama (I could be wrong), things are interesting in Turkey; regardless, in light of the ride were on, loosen your seat belts-- why have any drag from the world we're in when the trumpet sounds.