Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Disclosure of God: The Holy Spirit

I have posited that we do have a recording of God's commentary, available for ready access in our time (thanks to Gutenberg and Algore); therefore, the witness of creation can clearly communicate to us the ineffable testimony of its maker. We can all see it, and get it--it's right there in the Book! Rejection of God in light of this revelation would have to be considered bald rebellion, as Satan-like as humans get. Perhaps so, but that glaring "weakness" still remains; whereas the communicator (God) is perfect, the receptor (man) is not.

This weakness is observable, and admittable by even the metaphysically blind. Man is not flawless in his perception, even given our flaws we can see that much! Just as a dog cannot play the clarinet, so humans do not perceive clearly, accurately, consistently. Our weakness, however, goes much deeper than just an innate intellectual or conceptual disability--it is a spiritual and moral chasm. We not only do not have the mind or eyes to see the singular truth, we don't have the heart.

Taken together, our fault of heart and mind lead me to what I find are inescapable conclusions. We will never be able to intellectually find our way to God, nor for that matter establish that there is no God to find. We have the existence of stuff and ourselves and a puzzle that our intellects cannot reliably solve. Forensics and even a Commentary from the Authority (the Bible) will fail to objectively produce unequivocal, normative knowledge of God among humans, because its ascertainment is still dependent upon our perceptive abilities.

So what does it actually take for us to know anything about God? It takes imputed knowledge that gets past the channels of our perception, and arises from the inside out. It's not that the forensic, or the revealed in that Commentary are not helpful, even essential, but they do not produce true knowledge on their own. They're the prisoners of our perception. If the Holy Spirit doesn't anoint our eyes, ears and heart, we don't get the truth or we color what we do.

Nature is not enough, logic is not enough, even the Bible is not enough--it takes the Spirit to know God.

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