Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good-bye Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno was a great person and a fine mentor to college students throughout his life.

I met him twice walking to class at Penn State. We shared a sidewalk and a few pleasantries for a few minutes. He didn't have a coterie in tow, and didn't mind talking one on one with a doltish college student rushing off to class. I've always thought that was classy of him. JoePa had class.


  1. I have a friend who grew up at Penn State (his father was a prof), and he said the same thing. He said that Paterno lived on campus in a little house, that my friend walked by frequently. He was a classy guy, and said hi to everyone.

  2. There are plenty who testify that he was a man of incredible hubris as well, but that was neither my take nor my (very limited) experience. Penn State has lost a true champion, despite the fact that he had some blind spots which led to his very public firing (which I supported without reservation). Penn State should unashamedly own his legacy, and honor his memory. I hope the Big 10 returns his name to their championship trophy.

    I can hear the roar at Beaver Stadium, though more than 30 years ago, still ringing in my ears as the students and alumni, (prompted by the cheerleaders pleas of "When I say JoePa, you say "terno,") yell "TERNO" with all the pride and affection they could muster. He was that kind of guy.

  3. The day after Joe won the Rose Bowl in his last undefeated season, I delivered a Domino's pizza to him at his modest house. He was nice to me a gave me a generous tip. I remember that delivery over the thousands of other delivers I made in the State College area.

  4. JG,
    That is a great memory to carry with you. I don't think we will see the likes of JoePa again anytime soon.


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