Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can Anyone Be Ready for This?

Concluding positions one might take if biblical religion were actually brought into politics...

Concerning Law and Order

Every neighborhood in this country, rich or poor, should be safe enough for even a stranger to pass through without fear. Wealthier neighborhoods already are, but poorer neighborhoods often do not experience the same level of law and order. Yes, there is a different class and density of population between one and the other, but that is no excuse to abandon entire areas of our cities to the de facto control of gangs, thugs and crime. The
poor deserve safe neighborhoods every bit as much as the wealthy.

More police need to be placed on our streets, particularly the mean ones. There's not one square inch of this country that the government, under God, can justifiably cede to the rule of thuggery rather than the rule of law and order. An idea for utilizing our police forces that would help immediately: stop parking them so often along the streets in patrol cars manning speed traps and start placing them more often on the streets preventing crime!

Concerning Political Parties

The Constitution should to be amended to specifically ban elected officials at any level of government from being associated with any political party, and furthermore, should ban any association which seeks to organize candidates or office holders into ideological blocks in order to gain political power. Taxpayers should not foot the bill for party politics as it does now through gridlock; double staffing; witch hunting, grand standing inquisitions; primary elections and matching funds for campaigns. Informational and voter service agencies would not be effected.

I could go on, but I won't. Hopefully, you're reading in between the lines and can see the problem that lies ahead for any who would resolutely attempt to bring biblical religion into politics. Jesus rules, unapologetically, with a rod of iron, and we will rule with him, like him. I don't think the world is ready for that just yet.


Heanous said...

Very Cool post! You mention in the end of this post about ruling and reigning with Jesus in the Millennium and beyond. Since the cited examples in this post and the two previous are found directly in the Bible can we expect that this is the fashion of rule for the millennium? Will we (the saints) be in charge of ruling the population under these statutes? I believe that Heaven will not be a 24 hour worship service where we will spend every minute of our existance bowing at the Lords throne. Scripture clearly indicates that in addition to worshipping the Lord we will have some responsibility to bear in eternity.

SLW said...

The Devil will be bound during the Millenial Reign, so we won't have quite the problem we would today if we ruled the children of Adam. There will be a large population of natural people coming out of the Tribulation, who will reproduce and cause the population of natural people to grow during that period. However, the Devil will not be active and Christ will be ruling (and us with him) with a rod of iron, so the baser proclivities of mankind will suitably tamped and not near the issue they are today.

As for eternity, there are gates in New Jerusalem for a reason. I think, beyond doubt, that refutes the notion of playing a harp on a fluffy cloud, doing nothing but extolling the virtues of God day and night. I think he has lots for us to do and see-- if Adam got to name the animals, I wonder what we'll get to name!