Monday, January 17, 2011

God Is Real

Reality, in my mind, would have to be defined as that which is ultimately irreducible. Otherwise, what is purported to be real isn't actually, it is in some way illusionary--not something in and of itself, but subject to existential change due to something else more real than itself. That which is, even if everything else isn't, is real. That reality is God.

Nothing else has that quality in and of itself. Everything else is derivative. Therefore, reality, at least in this philosophical sense, is, and only is, God himself. Since I do not think that what God knows can be separated essentially from what he is, then what is real is God and what he knows. Everything else comes back to this, everything else is established on this.

What God says, therefore, corresponds to, indeed, is all but synonymous with reality. The only question that could arise in regard to anything God has said being grounded in reality is whether or not God would choose to pass on misinformation (in other words, lie). God lying is not something I can envision, not only because such a lie would contradict his own reality, but because Jesus said God's word was truth. Therefore, if God speaks, whatever he says is true, even when speaking of things that never come to pass in time, grounded by his own reality.