Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Big Dog List

All scripture is God-breathed and useful. Nonetheless, there are sections which are more densely packed theologically than are others. These segments are both challenging and revelatory, focused and expansive. I think more of our sense of who God is, who we are, and what that might mean is packed into these places than any others. What are they, imo? The annotated list follows...
  • Genesis Chapters 1-3: the most intriguing, deep, encompassing segment of the entire scriptures.
  • Romans 8: the most densely packed, practical guide to being a Christian in the entire scriptures.
  • Isaiah 53: the most insightful exposition of the atonement of Christ in the entire scriptures.
  • Revelation Chapters 12-13: the most extensive, yet abridged revelation of end-times in the entire scriptures.
  • The Gospel of John: the most revealing treatment of the life and teachings of Christ in the entire scriptures.
  • Revelation 19:19-21:8: the only clear explanation of what will happen after Christ returns in the entire scriptures.
What about you? Have any ideas of what might be added to the list. If you convince me, I'll add them to the Big Dog List. :-)