Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pump In Some Oil

New Christians are often great witnesses. In their new found wonder at being saved, they excitedly tell everyone they can about Jesus. Some folk respond to them, many do not. Eventually, their witnessing tends to trail off. Maybe they told everyone they knew and witnessing to strangers is a whole new kettle of fish; maybe the frequency of being shot down has rubbed the shimmer off of things; maybe taking care of all the things that require their attention has distracted them; maybe they just aren't as excited about Jesus.

Life is what it is, and folk are what they are. Our interactions with life and people can act like air and water in the oxidation process-- they seize us up in rust and tarnish and we no longer move nor are moved by what we used to be. All that our anchor is holding, is us back. Some things will never change, people and life won't, but we can, and nothing changes the already initiated, but somewhat calloused, like revival. It is the oil can that gets the tin woodsman chopping again.

The Great Commission will never change, at least not until the end of the age and Christ returns. The Holy Spirit, continuing what Jesus did while he walked upon the earth, is still out and about seeking and saving the lost. If we are walking with Jesus in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, we will be out and about seeking and saving the lost as well. To be with him where he is, is to be doing what he does. He's marching in purpose down the road: it's time for us to pump in some oil and catch up with him.

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