Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Makes Us Saints?

I've stated that what makes us sinners is that we were made with Godlike abilities (of will), but, not being God, we possess no ability to control them. Only God can do the God thing, so in effect, the tiger was too big for our tank. We can't blame God for sharing that image with us, his vision for us is astonishing and generous, but it's not something that can be achieved with him going one way and us going another.

What can be done to rectify the situation and bring us back into the promise? Apart from judicial concerns (not to minimize them, but to examine other issues), it requires the machinery of our souls to be rebuilt and then operated on a new basis. That entails enduing God's image with God's presence (Spirit) once again, which starts here and now, and then to remold untainted clay as a home for God's image, which happens at the catching away. Afterwards, God's image walks on in absolute agreement with God-- on every issue, inclination, desire, and action, everything!

If that sounds draconian, it is the model of Jesus Christ. He walked conceived by and endued with the Spirit of God in absolute agreement with his heavenly Father in every respect. That is what life as God's image is supposed to look like. It is what heaven will be like. When one can't embrace that model, he or she will look more like a sinner saved by grace than a saint. If our self-esteem as an autonomous human would be too insulted by such a paradigm, consider the alternative.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think it is a misconception to adopt miserable worm theology. That fails miserably to envision God's will in creating and recreating mankind, and is unlikely to inspire anyone to walk in the spirit-filled fullness Christ purchased for us. He's done so much to make it possible, should we not gladly embrace what it is that makes us saints?