Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Turkey Is In the Oven

Turkey is an interesting place, prophetically speaking! Read this (warning: it is a bit long [HT to Andrew Jackson at Smartchristian]), perhaps this, this and this, and the following comments may make more sense to you.

For years, Turkey has been considered the most stable of the Middle Eastern nations. A member of NATO, a candidate for the European Union, one of the G-20, constitutionally secular, the Islamic (but non-Arab) country has been a beacon of reason in a sea of fanaticism and fascism. Though the population is all but 100% Muslim, since shortly after WWI the country has been more attached politically, even culturally, to Western Europe than to the Muslim Third World. Things are changing.

If there ever was a place that could act as a bridge between the Muslim (21%) and the non-Muslim world, Turkey is that place. I would add, that it also follows, that if there was ever a leader who could bridge that gap, there's no more likely place for him to arise than Turkey.

John, the Revelator revealed that Pergamum (Bergama, Turkey) was the throne of Satan, who is the Antichrist's prime patron. According to Daniel's prophetic description of the antetype of the Antichrist, and therefore for the type (666) as well, the Antichrist will not come through expected channels to his political prominence. Antiochus Epiphanes, who was that antetype, rose to power that way and had his capital in was what is now Antakya, Turkey.

Whether or not that makes someone like Fethullah Gulen a possible candidate to be the fulfillment of the Antichrist prophecies, I'll leave to you. Only time will tell; regardless, I think I can say with relative confidence, the Turkey's in the oven!


Heanous said...

Interesting article. I am about 2/3 of the way through it. It could be described as a micro version of the anti-christ's macro plan for global government. Very interesting is the increasing rise and spread of Islam over the past decade. This looks to be bent on furthering it with the expressed intent of taking total power. And no surprise that it is taking place in Turkey huh! I'm curious to hear your take!!

SLW said...

Hopefully, Jon, you'll like my recipe for stuffing!