Sunday, March 15, 2009

Todd Does Not Get My Nod

Todd Bentley is in the news again (see the link in the title concerning the last time). Apparently, he's ready to reestablish himself as a ministry force in America (must be no money in ministry in Canada, eh?). He should not be allowed to do so! Not only should his ministry be rejected, no one should accept him as a brother in the Lord. He should quickly and unceremoniously be excommunicated and become a pariah to all.

Why, because he made a mistake, he sinned? No, everyone does that, and no one should be ostracized for that alone. He should be excommunicated because he insists on maintaining the very same adulterous relationship that tore apart his real marriage. Where is his admission of sin? Where is the turn from it that makes the admission plausible? As things stand, no Christian should give him the right hand of fellowship, eat with him, or so much as bid him good day.

The Gospel is surely about mercy and grace to the repentant, but not at all about making God a cuckold. I don't know what hope there may have been for restoring Todd's marriage after his repeated adulteries, but there is zero hope that he can be accepted as a minister of the gospel in good standing while he continues in that sin. There are many ministers I'd gladly tip my hat to, even though they may be a bit less than savory, but Todd gets neither a wink nor my nod!