Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Sense to the Devil

Some things really bug me...

Drivers who tailgate: since they don't have the sense to drive judiciously, I have to decide for them to slow down in order to make their following distance safer. I don't like going that slow, but what are you gonna do when they're obsessed with reading the fine print on your license plate?

Dramas: what can I say? The last thing I look for when blowing some time watching a movie or show is more real life (or something akin to real life only artificially more emotional). Puh-uh-lease! Give me a good car chase, bad guys getting their comeuppance, or some good belly laughs. I get enough reality in reality!

Complainers: I mean, really, what makes them think for one second I care about their opinion? If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all-- didn't we learn that in, like, KINDERGARTEN? Groucho like, it would be nice if a banner dropped from the ceiling saying, "Here's a quarter, call someone who cares!" whenever they did their thing. Beside, "talk to the hand" is so yesterday!

Anal retentive dictators: folks who've figured out just how everything should be and expect you to follow their lead make me nauseous. It's unfortunate when they live across the street, more so if in the same house! There's not enough Pepto-Bismol in the world to soothe and coat that bellyache!

I could go on, but I'll spare you. It makes me wonder, however, what, if anything, bugged Jesus. He showed some irritation at times, but I've got to believe that a lot more bugged him than he actually let on. He was perfect, absolutely aligned with what was right and good all the time. How did he manage to walk through the sewer that is humanity without going mad, or driving us all off the face of the planet, scourge in hand?

We are all self-centered, and particularly so here, having that quality so catered to in America. We want what we want, and we look at people as those who should go along with what it takes for us to get what we want. In our own mind in makes sense, in our own eyes, it is only right and reasonable. The result, however, is that we end up looking at people more like the Devil does than does God.

God sees the blunt truth about us, warts and all, and even that which we're not even aware of, yet. Despite us, he walks with us to the end, never losing track of what we will be. It's so easy for us to become frustrated with one another, annoyed, peeved, and judgmental. We make sense to ourselves, so we think that is the same as sense objectively. In reality, the only one our attitude makes sense to is the Devil.