Saturday, March 9, 2013

Even the Lame Can Limp Into Glory

Continuing with the subject of Divine Healing, with a review of some pertinent scripture verses: Isaiah 53:3-51 Corinthians 13:9-10Romans 8:10-11Ephesians 1:13-14John 9:1-3Luke 10:1-12Mark 16:15-181 Corinthians 12Matthew 9:28-30Mark 9:23-24Mark 6:1-61 Corinthians 11:27-32James 5:14-20; Revelation 22:1-3

As grateful as we can all be for the manifold blessings God brings our way in this life--forgiveness of sin, reconciliation with God, regeneration by the Holy Spirit, participation in the work of God, answer to our prayers, provision for our needs, healing for our bodies--we need to remember that these mortal coils were born of Adam's race and can only receive the earnest (i.e. down payment) of our inheritance in Christ. We don't get anything perfectly or completely in this life, because what is mortal must be put off before what is immortal, or perfect, can be put on.

I think this proves true for the Spirit of God we receive through Christ, for our knowledge of God, even for our faith in God, and certainly for those bodily blessings made possible by Christ's death and resurrection. For now, we live in the realm of the partial awaiting the day of the complete. In this divine health is no exception to the rule! It has always been thus for the redeemed of God on fallen earth, it will be so until Christ returns.

Look at those who have gone before: Paul had physical problems; Timothy had physical problems; Jacob had physical problems; David had physical problems. All of them had the same gracious Father we have, who granted them the same kinds of promises and benefits we depend upon. How can we avoid the same experience of bodily health they faced? If faith is the key, as I've claimed it is, which of us would seriously put our faith up against any of theirs?

Since we cannot avoid the thing (death itself) that more than anything else proves that this is not place of ultimate fulfillment, should we not walk in humility while we humbly accept what it is that God will do for us hereGod can do virtually anything, that's true. But how often, really, does he replace a detached limb, or separate a set of conjoined twins, or fuse a severed spine? Likely, there are anecdotes of healing concerning each of those scenarios, and there is no reason to believe, should the Holy Spirit inspire the gift, that any one of us could not speak forth such wonders today, but are we guaranteed such action here and now?

Personally, I look in faith for the blessing of Moses and Caleb to be mine. Yet, in that pursuit I also know that a refusal to accept reality is not the same as faith, that bearing false testimony is not the same as confession, and that nothing in life is a reason to give up on God. So please, dear readers, don't settle for less than God's grace and faith provides, but understand this: even blind with only one arm to raise in praise, we can still limp into glory.

Addendum: A great post on this subject by a Southern Baptist missionary.