Monday, February 15, 2016

My Ideal Political Candidate Is...

-One who understands that government should protect the weak from the strong (and there is none weaker than a baby in utero)
-One who understands that immigration is as American as apple pie (just ask the indigenous people that are still here)
-One who understands that anyone who comes here must embrace being an American in language and culture (and particularly in adhering to the Bill of Rights) 
-One who understands that representative government is about protection of citizens, it's not a business and it should not be supplying anything that can effectively be supplied by private enterprise
-One who understands that the corporate world has protected the wealthiest while allowing them to expand their share of the economic pie at the expense of the rest (and it's time to re-slice that thing structurally through changes in corporate law rather taxing and spending)
-One who understands that American workers should not have to compete on an uneven playing ground with workers from nations that choke their air with pollution, poison their waters with impunity and do not protect their workers from the abuses Americans are protected from (just to sell a product for little less and make a little more for the folks at the top)
-One who understands courts are not here to make laws but to apply them to particular circumstances
-One who understands that poor people need safe environments every bit as much as those that are wealthier than they
-One who understands that warehousing non-violent offenders in prisons makes no sense economically or psychologically
-One who abides by the principal that his or her faith is not a campaign issue