Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just Do It!

Distractions are some of our greatest enemies. They do not confront us with malice frontally, their blows, if they land at all, are only glancing. They don’t have to be dangerous or even lethal-- a butterfly on the windshield wiper can be just as distracting to our drive as a bee in the car. Like the old saw which says that a man may be the head of the family, but the wife is the neck, so distractions seek to turn our attention from where we were going.

The Bible warns us about distractions. Most of them are not intrinsically evil, some of them are. A family will be a distraction, it's unavoidable, and not evil in the least (quite the opposite in fact). An unrelenting drive for "success" and status is distracting from our point in being here, and is evil at the core. Either can stop ministry in its tracks.

Multiple choice exams, in order to add a degree of difficulty, often instruct their takers to choose, not the answer, but the best answer. A response can be wrong, not because it isn't true, but because it isn't full. When tolerances are high, quality control is a cinch: when we're looking for the best, we have to be more discerning. How much of what we teach and practice in the church settles for the ballpark, and misses being in the game? The church at Ephesus certainly has some lessons to teach us in this regard.

Even the litany of discussions about the church, seems somewhat distracting to me. So many are writing and reading about what has already been said. Mention something to a brother or sister today and you're likely to hear, "have you read so and so's book/article/blog about ..." So much information, so many concerns, too many choices, urgencies everywhere, the flesh in the midst of it all, excuses overflowing, maybe it's time to just do it!


  1. Yup!

    Discussion is good but there comes a point where you become dissatisfied with just talking about it and praying about it. You become dissatisfied that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people within your reach are hurting and struggling, even die-ing, every day. You become dissatisfied that heaven is open but you spend more time studying it and conferring over it with others than actually stepping into it.

    Some conversations are priceless. But at other times, talk just feels cheap.

  2. live

    in your talking
    your listening
    in all your doing.

  3. Mark,
    Strong words indeed, made weightier by your own example! Thanks for the compelling comment. God bless you, good brother, as you continue to do the astounding and incredible in Inverness.

  4. Nanc,
    Insightful and incisive!

  5. i am sorry if it was sharp. i am just as tired of being distacted and find that there is only one thing for it. to keep my mind on the Love of God...to aim my heart and mind on God and His Love in everything i see and do. it is the best of ways for filtering out the things that might distract me from seeing the truth while including everything that God would have me see or reach.

  6. Nanc,
    It was not your tongue that was sharp, but your mind! :-)

  7. By the grace of God, we can do it...

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  9. slw,

    sorry it's been so long since I've been by...we just closed a four week revival and before that I was in the wilderness of Virginia with not internet and no cell phone! Talk about a fast!

    Distractions, I feel, is the greatest obstacle we face to know God more intimately. I fight it every day of my life; and I even see my grandchildren fight it!

    May we fight for the focus!

  10. Great point David - and welcome back! I'm always excited to read what's going on on your blog.

    I find there can be quite a battle going on sometimes not to be distracted from the author by the work - a certain recipe for disaster. It's amazing how it can creep in on you, subtly at first, without good friends around who you've invited to be candid about what they see.


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