Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ark of Safety

We like to cite widely occurring flood myths, complete with fortunate families escaping destruction in a boat, as evidence for Noah's flood. A common thread spread broadly across culture and race says something, after all. According to this article by Jonathan Cheng in the Wall Street Journal [HT: The Drudge Report], the idea is not confined to the ancient past. Is God still giving folk a vision to build an ark, or can it act as a bastion of safety, a charm, in troubled times like these? No, I don't think so, the only ark of safety any of us need today is the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...


Love the post. Especially the last sentences. Paul Taylor of the Answers in Genesis UK explains this aspect of the Ark soooh well. Download his talks/radio shows on the subject.

"One door, and only one, and yet its sides are two; I'm on the inside, on which side are you?" Can you tell that I'm a mother of little children?

I double dare you to write a post on the best songs and choruses for teaching children proper pukka theology. In all seriousness, if a child should "wander from the way" in later life, the songs and verses are "incorruptible seed" that can sprout up when the Spirit waters them.


SLW said...

Hello Anthea,
Your comments are alway so interesting to me. I had to look up what "pukka" meant.

As for the challenge, not one I'm likely to take up soon, if at all. In my former life, children's songs were often twisted to baudy purposes! I don't want to dredge any memories. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love silly questions!

it is a poor chicken egg that got boiled and dyed. it went through a lot, poor thing. my daughter did it at a friend's house.
i am attracted to the colour and the simple shape.

SLW said...

That'll work, I love being silly!