Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Emotions Run Away With Us II

David took a voracious bite out of life I think his faith in God motivated. He fought for God, and every time he went into battle, even with long odds, God gave him victory. Eventually, there weren't too many enemies left. He sought out any of his bosom buddy Jonathan's heirs, and showed his sole remaining son royal hospitality, alleviating any nagging issues of loyalty and conscience he may have had. He had a grand dream to build a magnificent temple for the ark of the covenant, but God said, "Good thought, but let your son do it."

David was a man of vision and action. He'd seen it all, done it all, gone as far as he could fulfilling every dream he had, and still had a lot of living to do. People like David love new challenges, but languish under routine. Despite his spectacular history, David came to a pass where boredom set in and just couldn't motivate himself for one more charge. He avoided the necessary and eschewed his responsibility.

Against folk wisdom, his life shows us that character is not discovered in the struggle, but rather, in the aftermath of success. David let boredom get the best of him, he forsook responsibility and necessity for idleness. At that point grievous sin was a foregone conclusion: lust, adultery, betrayal, and manslaughter were waiting in the wings. Boredom unchallenged could lead to the same for any of us.

Still more to come...


  1. Interesting post. Do you have any recommendations for avoiding boredom?

  2. Avoiding it? That's gotta be the $64,000 question! I don't know if it's possible to completely avoid.

    Folks come off adrenal rushes and get bored; folk get tired of the mundane and get bored; I think some are born bored. I think the real issue is what to if you find yourself getting bored.

    Thankfully, I'm a boring person, I find almost anything interesting. Maybe that will be my deliverance. ;-)

  3. When I was a teenager (40 years ago), and I would complain to my mother that I was bored, she would say, "Boredom is a state of mind." I didn't like her statement then; but as I grew, I found out that she was correct. Boredom is just another tool of the enemy to lead us into sin. In the New Testament, Paul calls it the battle of the mind. We have all lost this battle at one time or another, including David; but praise God, He knows how to bring us back to our right mind!

  4. shanchere,
    Welcome to the Sound!

    I like the thought of battle mode. God may have given us a sound mind, or self-control, but we still need to be alert to the Devil's schemes in order to walk in victory.


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