Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Reformation Day

Today, 492 years ago, an antisemitic monk tacked an op-ed piece on the door of a Catholic chapel in Wittenberg, Germany. The rest, as they say, is history. I am no fan of Luther or Calvin (although he did write a superb series of commentaries); really, it was the radical reformation (Anabaptists) that did anything that could be called restorational (although real restoration did not begin until 1906 and Azusa Street). Nonetheless, I think it's still better to celebrate Reformation Day than Halloween, and one doesn't need to dress up as a dead person to do so! So, Happy Reformation Day!


Ian said...

We under appreciate what Luther did, we could still be trapped under the thumb of the Roman Catholic church working for our salvation. Happy Reformation Day!

The Seeking Disciple said...

Though I don't agree with either Luther or Calvin or even Arminius completely, I do thank God for these men leading us away from Rome and back toward true faith in Christ Jesus and His atoning work on the cross for our forgiveness. I praise God more for His grace in restoring the truth to the people of God once again more than anything else!

SLW said...

Maybe so, maybe not. I don't want to understate his contribution to what eventually became religious freedom, but I think it can be overstated as well; particularly since all that he did in his lifetime, and for some time after, was exchange one state affiliated church for another. It seems to me there was a perfect storm brewing at that time with religion, politics, economics, and even science all coming to a tipping point around the same time. Would we not be calling Luther just another heretic if it wasn't for Federick? If there are unsung heros responsible for our liberty from Rome, I'd look to Wycliffe, Tyndale, Hus, and even the Waldensians. Of course, the contribution of Gutenberg cannot be overstated.

SLW said...

I have theological issues with all them as well, although very little with Arminius. What really fries my bacon in regards to Luther was his virulent antisemitism (that is of the Devil and I can't get passed it); in regards to Calvin (past the obvious theological disagreements), it was his persecution of Anabaptists. I think they were men of their times, and were just as much products of it as they were shapers of it. I am glad they helped things along as they did, but their actions really did not produce what I would call true reformation, that could only be accomplished by restoration, and that was not possible until the church was willing to accept the Book of Acts as a model.

Ian said...


Hmmmm, hey you make me think, I really learn alot from what you write.

God Bless, Go Yankees 2-1

Anonymous said...

Hello SLW

Thanks for this post, which has convinced me that I need to read more church history.

I have dipped back into your site after some depressing encounters on T'Internet (I got this term from a Northern comedian called Peter Kay - his granny calls it T'Internet).

There are some really, er, hard Christians out there. It seems that the vast majority of Christian bloggers, writers and radio shows are Calvinists who have a long list of things they deem heretical.

I am not expressing this very well because I've been a bit thrown by it all. There are false teachers and preachers out there, but I have also seen some weird and tendentious attacks on certain types of music, etc.

Yes, it serves me right for reading/listening to things like that...


Anonymous said...

I made a mistake in my penultimate paragraph. It should read:

I am not expressing this very well because I've been a bit thrown by it all. There are false teachers and preachers in the world who should be exposed and challenged, so I have no problem with writers and speakers criticising weirdy weirdness. But I have also seen some prejudiced and tendentious attacks on certain types of music, etc.


SLW said...

I was actually a tad shocked when I first wandered into the Christian blogosphere-- it was not just tendentious but virulently acrimonious and completely incongruous with Christ.

The Lightning Rods on the sidebar of the Sound link to some Arminian sites which promote their certain viewpoint, but do with at least of modicum of decorum and respect.

Though I but dabble in church history, I've found it a rich and rewarding pursuit. I'd bet you'd find it so too.

P.S. Thanks for taking a dip at the Sound. I trust you found the waters warm, but refreshing. ;-)