Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey Is Always Interesting This Time of Year (Updated)

Zoiks! I know I've taught this for what seems like forever with conviction and near certitude, but seeing things shaping up as they are makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. As I've said before, the Bible teaches that the Antichrist will rise in Turkey and control two other nations (likely adjacent) in his climb to worldwide dominion. Dr. Michael Davis published this astonishing article yesterday. YOU'VE GOT TO READ IT!!!!  Thanks Dr D for the heads up, and thanks Wikipedia for the pic.

And then there was this a few weeks ago. Hmmm, what is it that Turkey is positioning itself for? Don't tell me better relations with and economic opportunities in Europe. Something more is afoot, trust me! This is the end game, and yes, I know folk have been convinced of that before, and yet here we still are. But the totality of things prophesied have never come together so completely before. I hope you're wearing your flying shoes.  Thanks Heanous for the heads up.

Update: Dr D mentioned a Joel Richardson article in a comment to this post, but that link address doesn't work. Try this instead, interesting reading, to say the least! The source for some of his analysis is not crazy, pie-eyed religious nut jobs (like yours truly), but the US government. It should becoming clear, that something is afoot in turkey, and it's not a drumstick!


  1. No need to thank me, just offered my two cents somewhere back there. I know that Iran's leader has been vocal about bring out the last Imam that is to restore muslim glory and world domination. I can easily believe that Ahmadiniejad would capitulate Iran's sovereignty to the man who he would believe is the last Iman (Caliph). I don't know enough about Syria's leadership to even guess about that. So at this point we are seeing the beginning's of the revival of the Seleucid Kingdom. Who is it's predicted leader? Is it Erdogan himself or will it be another man within the area that will rise up suddenly? That's a bewildering thing to even mention! To think of all of the time that has passed and all that have gone before us in faith and now at this time we may be seeing the face and hearing the actual name of the antichrist. It just points to the immensely greater fact the we will very soon see the face and touch the hands of Jesus the Lamb of God!!! Praise the Name of Jesus!!

  2. Heanous,
    As byzantine as are Muslim politics, it's hard to say who will be standing when the dust settles from a sudden explosion. I've even suggested one such obscure (as of now) candidate in The Turkey Is In the Oven". The pieces of the dias are dutifully being put together right now, it can only be a matter days rather than decades until the Antichrist mounts its platform and announces his place in the world.

  3. SLW:

    Here's some more to chew on -an article by Joel Richardson that continues this discussion and fills in a few more blanks:

    -Will Turkey Lead a Revived Islamic Empire?:


    I put this link up on my AFTF blog this morning with a few comments.



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