Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ultimate Mind Game

I found this very interesting, and thought you might as well. Did you?


Heanous said...

Wow that is some heavy stuff. I'm afraid I'm not at all versed in QM. One theory I heard in Bible college always had my interest though. The theory was that Adam and Eve existed in multiple planes/dimensions before the fall. Once they sinned then they were cast out of that existence and the angel with the sword of fire was posted at the gate of Eden to prevent mankind from existing in those dimensions again. Thus man was cast down and limited to the current 4 dimensional existence. Not sure if I really buy into that but it makes me wonder if the QM theory that existence in mental may be on to something if man was still existing in his original form. Even still, I'll just wait for Jesus to come and then I'll know ;-)

SLW said...

Theoretical physics is toying with things that sound more like science fiction than science to me, but I find it so interesting that cold, detached, unbelieving science has become so metaphysical of late.