Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The False Prophet Puts on His Mitre

Some time ago, I identified the False Prophet in the Apocalypse as the Roman Catholic pontiff who will be in office at the time envisioned by the prophecy. That is a scandalous accusation in some quarters, but if the shoe fits... For this to be true, of course, it would mean the Pope at that time would be in cahoots with the Devil. History gives me no reason to doubt such a thing, but the current Pope has verified my suspicion recently (here too).

The most telling characteristic of a devilish, antichrist scheme is anti-semitism. Not just a dislike for the Jews, but specifically, either an effort to dispossess them of the promise of Canaan, or to destroy them as a people. These are both central aspects of God's promise to Abraham, out of which all nations are also promised the blessing of a Savior. If these promises fail, the rug is pulled out from under the promise of Messiah as well. The strategy certainly is sly and skillful, attempting to destroy two doves with one stone.

The Pope has now officially put the RCC into the Devil's camp and aligned the agendas of Rome and Pergamum. How much longer will it be for the fruition of such a policy to ripen? Who knows with any certainty, but I suspect it won't be too long. It seems that as our redemption draws nearer, the False Prophet has risen and put on his mitre.


Heanous said...

Agreed. It is very interesting to watch these events as they unfold. Can't help but notice another round of earthquakes happeneing in the area of Indonesia. It would sure seem that the Earth is convulsing just like the contractions prior to child birth. Only this time He isn't coming as a child!!!!!!

SLW said...

Thanks for sending the article, Heanous. It was helpful. Maranatha!

James Goetz said...

SLW, I'm not sure about this, but allow me to ask a question so I better understand you. Do you think that anything along the lines of land for peace is of the devil?

SLW said...

I think it makes perfect sense from a human point of view, but I do not think it reflects God's plan for Israel in the last days. It is not necessarily of the Devil, but it will not stand since it is not in line with God's plan. For instance, when Ehud Barak first announced his land for peace plan (I think that was in February of 2000), I stated publicly to my folks at a church that it would not stand on the basis of my prophetic interpretation. It did not! What would be of the Devil would be an effort to dispossess the Jews of Canaan or to dissolve the Jews as a race. I think the Vatican Synod definitely reflects the former, and possibly portends the latter. Since I believe the false prophet of Revelation 13 will be the Pope in office at that time, I wrote the post.