Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Purpose in Relation to Adam

Genesis 1:26-3:15

Adam was not the ultimate picture of God's purpose. If he was, the promise of eternity would look like Eden: it does not. Adam, Eve, the first heavens and earth were but the beginning of the revelation in time of God's purpose. Everything from the beginning in time to its end moves toward that purpose.

Adam, untainted by sin, does, however, reveal something of God's purpose with man:
Adam, in failure, was the testing prototype and role model that taught us the lesson that trusting in God rather than our own wits, or the gossip of the Devil, is the way to life. That his failure was not the end was announced in God's curse upon the Serpent. Hope was birthed, now that he knew death, that if he ever had the opportunity at redemption, he'd go with God.


  1. Hello SLW

    You wrote: "Adam was not the ultimate picture of God's purpose. If he was, the promise of eternity would look like Eden: it does not." It is precisely this point that The Watchtowner/JWs do not see -- that we have so much more to look forward to than possibly booking a spot on a tarted-up Earth. Their magazines always show something that looks like Regents Park, and don't need to follow the Watchtower to go there!


    Pesky long URLs!

  3. Anthea, that is a great point!


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