Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Border of Stupidity

According to President Obama, Israel should withdrawal to its pre-1967 borders and make room for a Palestinian State. Perhaps he's discovered a viable principle that should be broadly applied any and everywhere with equal validity:
  • Germany can go back to its pre-1945 borders
  • Mexico can go back to its pre-1848 borders
  • For that matter, "Indian Territory" can go back to its pre-1763 borders
  • Or Judea could return to its pre-135 borders.
Obama's policy is stupidity, or the abetting of genocide. I have no doubts God will never let it stand. Will voters do the same in 2012? Apparently not, we are truly in the last days!


  1. Every day seems to bring a new reason why 2012 is going to be a vital election.

    Good ideas.

    Grace and Peace

  2. I'm on board with the pre-1948 border thing. Mexico can have CA back, we get to keep TX though.

  3. Pumice,
    The most vital part of 2012 is bidding Obama adieu. ;-)

    Not up for Germany getting back East Prussia and the Danzig Corridor? ;-) Adopting a policy of jamming the genie back in the bottle can only result in destroying the genie.

  4. Kevin,

    I never thought of it that way. Even though I live in The People's Republik of Kalifornia I would probably agree with you. Or maybe it is because I live in the People's Republik.


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