Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Big Picture God Knew

God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and knows exactly what is right.

In this "isness", God knew he wanted to make people like him--spiritual, creative, willful, relational--to share his everlasting life with.

By his understanding he knew that such people could not be him, but could share being with him if they lived in trust of him. By his insight, he knew that they would not trust him before they would trust him by means of his help. He also knew that not trusting him would cause them to strike out on their own with the most disastrous results. In his righteousness he knew they could not share his everlasting being in a condition of faithless independence.

Nonetheless, he wanted to make people like him.

By his understanding he knew that fallen people could never be fully trusting without the undergirding of knowing that their former rebellion was thoroughly purged and forgotten. By his foresight he knew that would mean coming to their world as one of them and laying himself completely on the line for them, removing for them any semblance of barrier or fear of punishment. He also knew that given his help there would be some who would respond to his effort by faith and some who would not. In his wisdom, he knew that those not willing to live in trust in him would have to be restrained eternally, kept from formulating and acting in faithless independence.

Nonetheless, he wanted to make people like him.

In his "isness", God knew he was spending eternity with people like him--spiritual, trusting, creative, willful, relational--sharing with them his everlasting being.

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