Thursday, September 27, 2012

Only Jesus Lives

Only God lives. Nothing else has this quality in and of itself. Everything other than God borrows its derivative existence from him, regardless of whether it may be animate or inanimate. Therefore, no being other than God has any claim to personal life (i.e a right to live) or personal rights (i.e. it's my life, I can do with it as I want). We have not made ourselves and we do not exist by and of independent animus.

In the grand scheme of things, only that which is precisely within God's will, that is in agreement in thought and deed with him, can possibly live. If anything in opposition to him had the ability to maintain itself in such, that would prove that evil was actually in God, since ultimately only God is. That which is in opposition to God, cannot do so eternally, but only temporarily and only because there is purpose in it for a season. Evil is a vanishing mist.

Among those in flesh and bones, only Jesus lived precisely in God's will. He never strayed from that line, and never will. It is his chief demonstration of divinity, and it is backed-up by his resurrection from the dead. So among those in flesh and bones, only Jesus has life and knows how to live.

For any other being made in the image of God, life can only exist in being in Jesus. This "being in Jesus" is not merely a positional or theoretical conception, but an actual and active participation in his Spirit. The one in Jesus is recast in his image, and thereafter walks as he walks. His atonement may have been the means of getting a sinner out of death, but only living and walking in him, like him, can sustain life.

As Jesus is flesh and bones with the person of God dwelling in him, those that will live are flesh and bones with God's Spirit living in them. As he, humbled in the form of flesh, lived agreeably with his heavenly Father, so to will those that live walk humbly in their flesh agreeably with the Spirit of God. To have Jesus within is to live, to be without Jesus is death, because only Jesus lives.


Pumice said...

One value of a post like this is to make me dig for verses they bring to mind. Thus,

(Colossians 1:17 NAS77) And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

Grace and peace.

SLW said...

Nicely done, Pumice.

In addressing the subject, this post started with the philosophical and moved toward the biblical. It is gratifying to see a reader was making biblical connections.

Blessings to you.

Anthea in UK said...

Hello SLW

I like the posts where you take a biblical doctrine and get us to look at it really closely.
When we read that "God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all", this post takes that idea focuses on it.

Now if you could just explain what is going on in Ezekiel ... Wheels within wheels? Weird multi-eyed creatures? It's like trying to follow an episode of Dr Who!

SLW said...

Dr. Who. Haven't seen that in years! That was one confusing show, that's for sure.

We'll either have to be satisfied with waiting until we see Jesus to understand Ezekiel's vision of God, or get a forensic hazmat crew over to Iraq to figure what was in the Chebar. Today when someone has a bazar vision we can't make rhyme or reason of we usually wonder whether they ate something with wild mushrooms in it!

Anthea in UK said...

you said
we usually wonder whether they ate something with wild mushrooms in it!

michael brown says that when he first read revelation it reminded him of the trips he had had in the past!