Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Turkey's Almost Cooked

Oh, oh. This bares watching.


  1. Hey SLW,
    There was an article in the news yesterday quoting Panetta. In that article was a quote from Tayip Erdogan saying that his county was not far from way with Syria. I'll look for the link and forward if I find it.

  2. Found it:

    1. Thanks Heanous for the address. It's an interesting article.

      Things are escalating along the Turkish Syria border. Turkey's parliament has approved military operations outside their border, the Turkish 2nd Army is now on patrol along the border, and Turkey has promised to retaliate immediately for every incidence of fire across the border. They have retaliated on several occasions since the original article cited in the post. Turkey is calling for Assad to resign and for the war to end.


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